April Glossy Box Unboxed

April Glossy Box Unboxed

So this post is extremely late, but I have an excuse I promise! I was away from home for most of April, and in a cruel twist of fate, my Glossy Box didn’t actually arrive until the day after I left! But, I didn’t want to leave this post out because I want it to be a regular feature. What I’ve written about these products are my very first impressions!

I was really excited when I opened this month’s box because it’s very makeup heavy, and the more makeup the better in my opinion. Also, a lot of the products in this months box are really on trend so I’m very excited to try them out.

Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner

Co-washing is one of those trends that seems to have come out of the blue. Basically co-washing products are like fancy 2-in-1 shampoo’s and conditioners. So, when I first became aware of this ‘new’ trend I was more than a bit confused because, well, it’s already a thing. However, the way co-washes differ from the traditional 2-in-1’s is that they are free from sulfates, salts and artificial colours. This means that they don’t dry hair out, however, they also don’t lather quite as much as traditional shampoos. The lack of lather is difficult to get used to, but, ultimately it is better for your hair.

I was really excited to see what all the hype was about, so I used this right away, and I was really pleasantly surprised! My hair felt clean and hydrated and I actually didn’t feel the need to use any extra conditioner.

I think this product would be great to take on holidays or weekends away because it saves on space and time. But I’m not sure yet if it will become a regular feature in my showing routine.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Rodial is such an amazing brand I was very happy to see them in this month’s Glossy Box.

So I have been dedicated to the Benefit Roller Lash mascara for about a year now. I love it’s thinner mascara wand and how you can build it up. I’m always convinced that a thicker mascara wand will make my mascara clumpy and thick. But, although this Rodial Mascara has a thicker wand, the product goes on beautifully. Honestly, even after one use I am completely sold and I know I want to buy the full-size product. This mascara leaves your lashes looking full and beautifully fanned out. The product doesn’t go on heavy initially, but it is really buildable for if you want a more intense lash look.

Merci Handy Flower Power Cleansing Gel

I feel like in every Glossy Box there is one product that I’m a bit ‘meh’ about. This month it’s the cleansing gel. I mean, I know that it will come in handy, and the packaging is really cute. But at the end of the day, it’s hand sanitiser.

But, for a hand sanitiser, the smell does seem a lot less offensive than others on the market. It smells lovely and flowery in the bottle, but once it’s on your hands the classic alcohol smell does make an appearance.

The difference with this hand sanitiser is that it doesn’t dry out your skin. And, truthfully, I can vouch for this one as my skin did feel nice and soft after using it. But, would I purchase it again? Probably not.

Model Co Contour Stick

As soon as I saw this product I knew the colour wasn’t right for me. Which is such a shame because the formula is lovely. However, this is actually a really great multi-use product. Although it doesn’t work as a contour stick for me because I’m so pale, it can also double up as a cream eyeshadow! If that doesn’t work, I’ll give it to one of my tanned friends, because it is a great product.

Sport FX Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil

I have heard so much about these new ranges of exercise friendly makeup and they are seriously becoming such a trend, even MAC is getting on board. The idea of wearing makeup when your exercising is something that it likely to cause controversy, and I get it. It’s obvious that covering your face in makeup and then sweating a lot is not going to do wonders for your skin. But personally, I don’t think a little bit of eyeliner and mascara can hurt. I actually think it motivates me to look good while I’m working out! But everyone is different.

The great thing about this pencil is that it has both a black and a brown pencil, making it perfect for any quick turnaround. I haven’t fully tested out these eyeliners, but from my first impressions that have a good formula. I don’t usually wear eyeliner pencils, but I can see myself getting more into them after this product.

So what did you guys think of this month’s Glossy Box? I’d love to know down in the comments!

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