Exfoliating: The Low Down

Exfoliating: The Low Down

Exfoliating is one of my favourite parts of my current beauty routine. Over the past few years, I have really changed the way I approach exfoliating. Particularly, the sensitive area of the face. When I was younger, I used to exfoliate way too often, hoping that it would make my skin flawless. However, I now know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If there is one major beauty lesson I have learned in the 21 years I have been on this Earth it’s this: only exfoliate a maximum of twice a week.

And yes, I am aware that’s a completely anticlimactic revelation. But, I know how tempting it is to exfoliate everyday!

My skin has been transformed since I cut down on exfoliating. It isn’t as dry and blotchy, and generally, I get less spots. Although, that may have something to do with coming out the other side of puberty.

However, this being said, everyones skin is unique. And, just because something works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for someone else.

So, How Can I tell if I’m Exfoliating too much?

I would say that a good rule to live by is if your skin is looking red, dry and generally irritated, you may be exfoliating too often. Another sign is a shiny forehead, where your skin has been smoothed out of it’s natural texture. Also, your skin may be more prone to breakouts. The reason this happens is because if you over-exfoliate, then instead of just removing dead skin cells which clog pores, you are also removing your healthy skin cells.

Your skin is also affected by the weather and the seasons. In the winter, it’s better to exfoliate less often as it is more likely to dry out your skin. This is because in winter, your skin is generally drier and more prone to irritation. This is due to the cold weather and general, and constantly moving between the cold outside and your cosy heated home.

In the summer though, you can get away with exfoliating more often. This is because the weather is more humid (meaning more sweat and clogged pores), and the warmth means the temperature of your surroundings is generally more stable.

How to Treat Over Exfoliated Skin

This one is simple. If you think you are over exfoliating your skin, then just stop exfoliating for a few weeks. If you change your skincare routine to focus on hydrating and repairing your skin, then you will notice a huge difference.

What is the best exfoliating method?

Again, this is a question where there is no right answer. There are so many different ways you can exfoliate your face, you will probably have to tweak your routine to find out what works for you.

Whether your a daily flannel and soap kind of person, or a chemical exfoliant aficionado, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you wash your flannel everyday because you don’t want to be rubbing dirt all over your face.

Honestly, I could write about all the different exfoliating methods and their perks for hours. I’m tempted to turn this into a whole series about exfoliating. (Let me know what you think in the comments below!)

My Current Routine

At the moment, I have been sticking to a super simple routine when it comes to exfoliating. Once a week, I’ll apply a heavy duty exfoliating mask. If my pores are feeling particularly clogged, then later in the week I may go in with a chemical exfoliating mask. This minimal routine works for me as I have very sensitive and dry skin.

However, if your skin is more prone to oiliness then you may want to add in another exfoliating method such as using a flannel or a cleansing brush as part of your daily routine.

The current products I’m using are:


Let me know in the comments your approaches to exfoliating and your own favourite products! Also if you liked this post don’t forget to share it on Pinterest!




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