Brands I Want to Explore – Makeup Edition

Brands I Want to Explore – Makeup Edition

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I have decided to limit this post to just makeup brands. If I included skin and hair care brands too, we would seriously be here forever, and believe me, this list is long enough already. Like most makeup junkies, I don’t really have any loyalty to brands. I feel like I am still at that stage in my life where I am just so excited to try out loads of different products. That is actually part of the reason I love the concept of Beauty Boxes so much, because you get to try so many new things!

However, every once in a while, I will try certain brands that I am extremely impressed with. And, it always makes me feel like I am missing out on the other products they have to offer.

So, in this post, I will be focusing on those brands, the products that have impressed me so far, and the products I want to try in the future!

Too Faced Waterproof Mascara product review

Too Faced

I know a lot of people swear by Drugstore mascaras, and I don’t disagree with you. Honestly, I don’t usually buy high-end mascaras, because a lot of the time they don’t seem worth it. But, I was intrigued by the Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara for two reasons:

  1. I hadn’t actually used a waterproof mascara in YEARS, odd right?
  2. The packaging is one of the cutest things I have ever seen and I knew it would look great in blog photos. (Basic, I know).

Honestly, I was really pleased with the mascara! So much so that it actually made it into my Holiday Makeup Bag Essentials. I wore it everyday in Croatia’s blistering heat and there were no panda eyes in sight, which is a win in my book!

Trying down to narrow down the particular products I want to try from Too Faced was honestly so difficult. I want everything. But, if I had to choose a few things, it would definitely be the Papa Don’t Peach Blush, The Chocolate Bar Palette and the Hangover Primer. All of these products are the favourites of so many bloggers out there and I have read so many great things. Also, believe or not, I don’t have an eyeshadow palette made up of neutral tones?!

highstreet drugstore makeup highlighter review topshop beauty brands

Top: Glow Pot in ‘Polished’
Bottom: Glow Pot in ‘Gleam’


I never really considered the fact that Topshop would create good quality makeup. That was until my friend made me try their Glow Pots. Needless to say, I now own the Glow Pots in two colours: ‘Gleam’ and ‘Polished’. These are cream highlighters that I wear every single day without fail. Funnily enough, they are another product that made it into my Holiday Makeup Bag Essentials. (Shameless self-plug anyone?) These cute little pots of highlight are perfect for using with your Beauty Blender, or even your fingers if you’re in a pinch. Because they are a cream consistency they look so natural when blended out on the skin, they are the perfect product for summer!

So, aside from wanting to purchase Topshop’s entire highlight collection, which I vow I shall do someday, I would also really love to try their lip kits. I feel like since the mega success of the Kylie Lip Kits, every brand is now churning out their own version. Not that I’m complaining, we all love a dupe right? And, after the success of the other products in their range, I’m curious as to how the Topshop kits will compare.

I love the look of these Topshop Lip Kits because come with a liner, a lip paint, a lip mattifier and lip glitter! So basically you can create tonnes of different looks from just one kit! My favourite colour is ‘Crazy Beautiful’ and I will definitely be purchasing it sometime soon. The Glitter Lip is definitely a look you’re going to see being rocked at every festival this summer. But, seeing as I’m not going to a festival, I will have to just rock it in my room.

High end brands eyeshadow palette makeup review

Anastasia Beverly Hills

It is no secret that I am head over heels for the Modern Renaissance Palette. I genuinely think I talk about it in every single blog post I write. But, despite my borderline obsessive love for this palette, I actually don’t own any other Anastasia Beverly Hills Products.

But I have heard so many great things about their other products. The Moonchild Highlight Palette has been on my beauty wish list for what seems like forever now. It seems like the colours would really complement my fair skin. I have also heard amazing things about their brow products, particularly the DipBrow Pomade. I swear every makeup artist on Instagram uses Anastasia’s brow products, so I feel like I’m missing out! The only concern I have is finding the right colour without being able to sample them. I am plagued by the fact that I can’t find the perfect Ashy Blonde Brow Product. But, I feel like this could be the solution. If you have used any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products I would love to know your opinions on them down in the comments!

drugstore foundation review, high street makeup must have


I initially bought the No7 Beautifully Matte Light Foundation as a foundation for when I’m wearing fake tan. I didn’t want to spend very much as I’m not usually covered in tan. However, I have loved it so much, especially when I was on holiday, that it has made me want to buy it in another shade. Also, seeing as this is the only No7 product I have tried, it makes me feel like I’m missing out on some great things. I always seem to hear good things about their products, but never think about trying them out.

I really love the look of their Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio’s. I’m a big eyeshadow lover, but I only seem to own massive palettes which are really not practical for travelling. But these shadow trio’s look like the perfect travel size! My favourite colours are the ‘Sugar Plum’ and the ‘Emerald Stones’. These are unlike any eyeshadow colours I already have, but rest assured, they do more natural colour trio’s too! These seem like the perfect little eyeshadow for a weekend away, or even just to pop in your handbag to transform your look from day-to-night.

drugstore highstreet liquid eyeliner pen makeup review

Soap and Glory

Like many British teenage girls, I once went through a bit of a Soap and Glory Bath and Body obsession. I just could not get enough of those 3 for 2 deals in Boots. I genuinely believe that I have probably tried the majority of their skin care range. Despite this, however, I have only ever tried one of their makeup products: the Supercat Precision Eyeliner . I actually love this product so much that it is close to being one of my Holy Grail products. I have tried higher end eyeliners as well, and they just never seem to live up to this one. If you don’t have this liner already, I urge you to get it.

But, of course, I want to branch out and try more of their range! The Sexy Mother Pucker Nudes Collection looks to die for, especially the shades ‘Naked Talent’ and ‘Barely Pinking’. But I also love the look of their All is Calm Anti-Redness Concealer. I’m a live and die green primer fan because my face gets sooo red. I am currently using this NYX Green Primer, which I love, but I’d like to have something to compare it to. I also love the fact that the Soap and Glory primer comes in stick form! Although it probably isn’t the most sanitary method of application, it’s for sure one of the easier ways to apply it!

So what do you think?

So, what are the brands you would like to try more of? Also, if you have actually used any of the products I have mentioned here, or even if you have tried out other products from these brands, I would love to know your thoughts of them down in the comments. Any product recommendations are always welcome, so don’t be shy!

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    • Alice Cox
      July 31, 2017 / 2:17 pm

      It’s quite an expensive palette, but if you have the money you should definitely get it! It’s seriously so pigmented that I doubt I’m ever going to hit pan on mine. And the colours are just everything! x

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