Monthly Goals: May 2017

Monthly Goals: May 2017

So, last time I only set myself 3 monthly goals. I wanted to pick ones that were fairly easy so that I wouldn’t discourage myself by not achieving them. However, there were certain things that I didn’t take into account. More specifically, me running out of all the things. April was seriously a month of empties for me, because I seriously ran out of everything. This meant that although I had set myself the goal to try to spend as little money as possible, I did have some unavoidable expenses.

However, completing my other goals went much smoother. I finished reading the books for my dissertation. But, to be honest, I gave myself a month to read two books I have already read, so I wasn’t really pushing myself.

I also did well with keeping a regular posting schedule for my blog! I’m really proud of this one because April was a very busy month for me!

But May will be different! (I feel like that’s something I say a lot haha.) This time I’m fully committed to achieving all of my monthly goals. If you want to have a look at my full blog post about my April Monthly Goals then click here!

Money Goals – Organise a Budget

Budgeting is one thing I’ve always sucked at. But, now i’m trying to organise my life I couldn’t avoid it any longer. So, this month I’m setting a budget and sticking to it! It’s going to be so hard and I’m already concerned. But I think a good idea would be to see if there are any good budgeting apps available. If anyone knows of any let me know!

I hink that in terms of money, maybe setting a budget instead of forbidding myself from spending is a more realistic monthly goal.

Studying Goals – Start Reading for my Modules next year

In May I will be signing up for the modules i’ll be studying in Final Year. And, seeing as I’ve already started trying to get ahead on my Dissertation, why not do the same with my other modules?

I want to try and read a book every 1-2 weeks. Because I study English Literature, reading is a massive part of it, so it would be so helpful if I could get a head start.

Health Goals – Create a Weight based fitness regime

I hate running. I’ve been trying to get my bikini body through cardio and I just hate it. I know that cardio is an essential part of every fitness regime. But I just can’t do it anymore.

So, my action plan is to head to TK Maxx, buy a kettle bell, work out and get abs. That’s not too much to ask right? I have a holiday at the end of June, so time is running very short. (If it doesn’t work out, there’s always next summer.)

Blogging Goals – Organise my Blog’s Pinterest

Pinterest can be such an amazing source of Blog traffic, but at the moment I am not using it to it’s full potential. I think a large part of the reason for that is because I’m not exactly sure how it works. But this month I am going to master it! Lol my hopes are so high.

I’ve already been putting a lot of work in my Instagram (Shameless self promotion), but I need to start channelling the same amount of energy into other platforms.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of these monthly goals! And if you have any suggestions of how I could go about achieving them, that would be great!

Have you set yourself any monthly goals?

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